our sustainability efforts

green is the new black.

7th street swim is focused on doing the Good. a big part of that is our sustainability efforts. we believe it is our responsibility to create products that reflect our commitment to recycling, minimizing our carbon footprint, and following ethical guidelines. we practice environmental consciousness in in our own lives so when we set out to create this company, we knew we had to do it sustainably. it is what our earth deserves. 



every good suit starts with amazing fabric. we're constantly sourcing the most sustainable fabrics that don't compromise a luxurious feel. all of our swimsuits are made with a regenerated nylon created from ocean waste like fishing nets. using this fabrics allows us to extend the life cycle of these materials while cleaning up the ocean. unlike your ex, our fabric is worthy of a second chance.

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take a peek inside our eco-friendly packaging that comes with each order. our main priority is to reduce waste where we can. we believe less is more, in both swimwear and packaging! 

100% recyclable kraft 

hang tags 
100% recyclable with hemp string instead of plastic 

size labels  
digitally printed on the suits to reduce material waste 

shipping labels 
100% recyclable paper. we heat print instead of using ink to avoid the use of ink cartridges 

packing tissue 
biodegradable paper made from 100% recycled post-consumer & post-industrial content 

shipping slips 
100% recyclable paper 

hygiene liners 
100% compostable made from tree pulp 

production & manufacturing

  • our entire creation process, from initial design to final production, takes place in new york city. by keeping manufacturing and distribution local, we are able to drastically reduce our carbon footprint. 

     it also allows us to visit the factory and ensure proper working conditions are in place. we get to know our partners on a personal level and grow together. we may be a small but mighty team of two, but there are many people working with us behind the scenes that help bring our dream to life. we want to bring as much joy to them as they do with us when we see our designs become reality. 


if you have any ideas that could help us become even more environmentally friendly, please contact us at hello@7thstreetswim.com. we would love to hear from you!