the Good.

what is the Good?

we are focused on doing the Good. To us, the Good. encapsulates our holistic philosophy of running a company in the modern world. every decision we make is inspired by our three pillars: sustainability, female empowerment, & supporting small business.

but the Good. extends far beyond those three values. that’s why we felt we needed to create a concept that fully embodies our approach to building a business.

we created this concept by asking ourselves what we would want our customer to tell their friends about 7th street. what do we want people to say about us when we aren’t in the room? we want them to say that this company always does what is right for the planet & for people. every decision is made with the Good. in mind. and we hope you can feel it in our swimwear.


in hindsight, the concept of the Good. really started before this company was ever even a thought. In truth, it began because I was tired of being put in a box. I always had this feeling growing up that I could only be one thing. If you are smart, you are boring. If you embrace your sexuality, you're a slut. If you work in a high-intensity corporate job, you have no life outside the office. Any adjective used to describe you had a complementary insult to go along with it.

This feeling intensified as I entered the workforce. I was treated as a single-faceted individual and it was suffocating. I didn't want to be just one thing because I'm not just one thing. I noticed this was a trend affecting other people as well. Internet trolls saying doctors who post bikini photos are somehow not as capable as doctors who don't. society telling public figures like models & athletes that their political opinions are somehow less valid because their only value is entertainment. all of these complex, interesting people labeled as a single thing for the convenience of society.

at 7th street, we don't believe in those narratives. we know that individuals are multi-faceted. there is not one thing that defines a person and there is not one thing that defines a company. the Good. represents that truth and our commitment, not to just one thing, but to all of the complexities of running a company responsibly.


the world is not black and white. there is no one-size-fits-all answer for the problems in life. there have been far too many times in my life where I have kept quiet or held back on actions because I didn't have the perfect response. I wasn't educated enough, respected enough, old enough, pretty enough. i was too afraid to get it wrong. but i've realized that doing nothing is never the right thing to do.

so maybe we can't define the Good. in exactly perfect terms. but to me, that's the point. the point is to find the answers in the gray, however complicated it may be. doing the Good. means making the best choice with the information that you have and thinking of everyone and everything involved in that decision. most importantly, it means following through that choice.

my goal with this company and with my life is to help others feel the Good. to find the Good. to do the Good.